Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Fawn Rescued

June 3, 2008

Going to work today, I was only a few yards from the house when one of our does was in the middle of the road looking very befuddled. She was pacing back and forth across the road, then stood in the middle of the road looking at me. I rolled the window down to talk to her (they seem to know our voices since they come to eat corn in the yard) and heard a bleating sound like a calf. I thought sure it must be a fawn since we have had so many pregnant does in the yard lately. Sure enough, on a closer look I caught a slight movement just off the road. When I went to investigate, I found there was a hole about three feet deep that was covered with vegetation and inside of the hole was a brand new fawn. I called Paul right away and he came down and rescued the little one. Mom had watched the entire thing and was hanging around so we assume they eventually got back together. The fawn ran across the road and into a small cave or den on the side of the road. We did not see her/him come out but on the way home I inspected it and it is empty. We are now looking for "Lucky" to reappear with mom safe and sound.

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