Monday, June 2, 2008

More Renovations on Beech Mountain

June 2, 2008

The Town of Beech Mountain is currently replacing water pipes for better flow to some of the areas around the downtown section, including Skiloft Road. Town Manager, Michael Boaz stated "The line that is currently being installed is a 12” water main. This main is replacing the existing 4” main. This work is being done for several reasons. First, we needed to provide fire protection on Ski Loft Rd. State law prohibits the installation of fire hydrants on lines smaller than 6”. In addition, we had some supply issues with this small main and therefore the upgrade will provide increased capacity to that part of the system. We will also be installing two pressure reducing stations which help control water pressure. One of these will be on the corner of Pine Ridge and Grassy Gap Loop and the other will be alongside the 18th green. Finally, we will be installing a generator at the water plant to insure that we can continue to provide safe drinking water during a power outage."

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