Saturday, June 7, 2008

Recycle Center Improvements

June 5, 2008

The Town of Beech Mountain continues to make improvements. In speaking with town manager, Michael Boaz, he advised "The Recycling Center is undergoing a series of major changes. First, we have hired Charlie Frisbee to work at the Center. We hope that folks will find Charlie helpful in getting items out of their vehicles and into the proper receptacle. Second, we are changing the entrance to the Center. The new entrance will be at the end of the center where the glass and can dumpster is now. We are also expanding the center by quite a bit. We will be closing off the existing entrance, removing the asphalt, and landscaping that area. There will be a new fence installed atop the new rock wall that is being built. We will also be constructing a new building for the attendant and the cardboard compactor. We will be installing dumpster for wood and metal products. Hopefully all of this change will help keep the center looking nice and be a service improvement for the citizens."

The changes are already beginning to form and look like it will be a much more aesthetic view from the street, as shown in the first picture. The second photo was taken from the utility department parking lot.

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