Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow - Real Snow: at last!!!

February 27, 2008

We had many "dear" visitors today. They seemed to know it was going to get colder and the snow was not going to relent for long. Eleven of them made their appearance first thing this morning when they came running down the mountain across the street and, uncharacteristically, continued on down the back of our property. We thought it very strange indeed as they generally come and go without any apparent cause for alarm. However, after we took a walk (yes, it was 8 degrees, 7" of snow on the ground and still falling - both snow and temps) we saw an animal that we have only seen recently a few times. It is brindle in color, has a face similar to a pit bull and appeared to be a wild dog. We wonder if this is actually a dog or some other animal. If anyone has seen this animal and knows what it is, please comment below.

Nice day for an outing, sledding and picture taking (there really is a sled there somewhere). We were so excited to actually get some snow accumulation we just could not resist!

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Therese D. Barry said...

Since we have no photo of the mystery critter, all of this is speculation. I love a mystery, so I have been reading up on animal hybrids and mutations. One possibility is a coyote~dog hybrid. Such a hybrid is a coydog if the male is a coyote and a dogote is the male is a dog (no kidding). In this case, the dog would have to be a pitt bull or other bully breed or mix. Another possibllity is a mutated dog. Due to the shape of the head, I think animals such as wild boars are ruled out.
Hey everybody - hike with your camera!
THerese Barry