Sunday, February 10, 2008

Road Paving

February 10, 2008
In October the contractors hired by the state began the road paving between Banner Elk and Ski Beech and completed the project the beginning of December. However, weather conditions and road treatments for ice and snow have deteriorated some of the paving and almost obliterated the striping. There have been some accidents on the road, partially due to the inability to see the stripes on the road during foggy and snowy conditions. Last week the state came back in, put reflectors in the middle of the road (recessing them enough to avoid the snow plows) and re-striped the road. The only issue now is the asphalt wear that seems to be a result of doing the work in colder conditions than are ideal. I understand that the company hired to do the work is being charged $150/day until all issues are resolved. The pictures shown are after the re-striping was just completed.

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