Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild Dog Update

March 12, 2008

I was finally able to get some decent pictures of the 'wild dog' today about 5:30 p.m. Workers at at house on Woodridge Road said he/she has been there most of the day and acts hungry. The dog did not approach them but did not act aggressive either. Someone else who has seen him/her mentioned that he/she may have mange. If you know anything about this dog, please comment below.


Debbie Canady said...

March 14th
I received an email from Anita Gomez, Watauga County Humane Society. She says this dog looks like a pure bred Blue Healer and encouraged me to contact Animal Control so they can trap him and hopefully find him a 'forever' home. There is no dog of this description in their lost dog book. I have not contacted Animal Control yet but the owner of the house under construction will be here next week and I will leave it up to him as to what he wants to do since that appears to be where the dog spends a good deal of his time. PLEASE contact me if you have any other suggestions.

Debbie Canady said...

March 15th
While researching Blue Heelers on the Internet, I came upon a website for Australian Cattle Dog Club of America ( I found that blue heelers are also called Australian Cattle Dogs. I sent an email with the pictures I took of the dog to Kathy Hamilton, an AKC delegate. Kathy immediately sent an email back with the following information:

"From you photos I think that dog might be an Australian Cattle Dog. Heeler (red or blue) is slang for Australian Cattle Dogs, but we are talking about the same animal. A Cattle Dog’s ears are more pointed than that dog, but his ears may have been damaged by flies or something else. If he is somewhere around 20” tall it could be another clue that he may be a Cattle Dog. Best luck in making friends with him."

So it appears our mystery is solved as to what type of animal he/she is. The question remains what to do about him. I believed he must be abandoned and is roaming in search of food. I have a couple of calls out to see if he can be trapped but if anyone is interested in adopting this dog please let me know. I hate the thoughts of him being 'institutionalized' but also do not want to see him uncared for either. A good home would be best for all.

Debbie Canady said...

March 23 - Easter Sunday
Good news received today from Chris Nichols. Chris and Ron are building a house on St. Andrews and our 'wild dog' has been frequenting the job site, most likely looking for a hand out. Chris has been feeding her and is now able to pet her. She says she has a very friendly nature and is a sweet dog. Chris has been calling her 'Precious'. Chris contacted Carol Pollotzo (sp?) who has been out of town but is now back and has decided to adopt Precious. Thanks Chris and Carol for giving this sweet dog a good home! We could not have written a greater ending for the 'Wild Dog' saga.

Debbie Canady said...

April 6
I received a telephone call from Tom Fehl this afternoon who told me that he and his wife are looking after 'Dingo' (apparently 'Precious' did not suit her) temporarily until someone decides to adopt her. The lady who had told Chris she would take her has apparently not been able to do so. If you know of anyone that wants to adopt this dog, please contact me at 387-6357 or 387-2822. Thanks.