Sunday, June 26, 2011

47th Annual Roasting of the Hog.....Coming this Saturday, July 2nd

June 26, 2011

Be sure not to miss the annual Roasting of the Hog event on Saturday, July 2nd, at the Beech Mountain Resort.  6pm - ??  $15/adults; $7/children 7yrs of age and under.

Our volunteers work hard to serve the smoked turkey and pork, beans, salads and don't forget to pick up your drink and Moon Pie at the end of the line.

Whether you dine inside the huge View Haus or outside, you will love the food and have a blast all day.

Our local volunteer fire department personnel are hard at work from the night before to well into the event day getting the meats roasted over a pit with real wood.'ve got to taste it to appreciate it.  There is always enough left over so stick around after the meal to buy some by the pound to take home.

Our DJ will be spinning your favorite tunes to dance by under the stars.  He always has a patriotic sequence of music to introduce the fireworks for the night, which will leave you with a lump in your throught.

People come from all over the country to visit Beech Mountain.  Some of these have made Beech Mountain their vacation or permanent home.  You'll see why once you visit for the first time.

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