Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sharks in the Mountains

June 5, 2010

The Porsche 928 Land Sharks are in our area for the weekend. Over 100 of these coveted sports cars are on display in the parking lots of town hall, Beech Mountain Realty and Brick Oven.

The cars will be travelling Beech Mountain Parkway from town hall to Ski Beech and back at around 5pm today

A look under the hood of any of these cars show the attention to detail that the owners have for the maintenance and upkeep.

The variety of colors in the cars was amazing.

Lots of visitors, residents and passers-by stopped by to see the Sharks and visit with their owners.
Well over 100 cars were involved in this rally.

Cars came from as far away as Ontario, Canada. License plates show participants from Virginia, New Jersey, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, Canada, North Carolina and more.

The rain threatened, backed off, then opened up briefly but the crowds continued to come to look.

We look forward to seeing this club, based out of Spruce Pine, NC, back next year. Thanks for coming to Beech Mountain!

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