Thursday, August 6, 2009

B.J.'s Dog Show 2009

July 18, 2009

The third annual dog show at Buckeye Lake Recreation Area turned out more entries than last year...and they all went home with at least an 'I Tried My Best' ribbon. Friends For Life was well reprented and benefited from the proceeds of this event.

Smokey with his owner, Sherry Goldstein.

Coby, an Akita, took 2nd place in the large purebreeds division

Sumo, a beautiful Bermese Mountain Dog, took 1st place in the same division. Sumo is owned by Jill Ezell

Clover, the Corgi, took 2nd place in the medium pure breeds
Clover is shown with her owner, Therese Barry, accepting the award.

Karma took 2nd place in the medium mixed breeds division.

Although not entered in the contest, Solei was happy just to be
invited to the party!

We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day for this event.

We are not sure what part of the animal kingdom
this little one belongs to...sure was cute though!

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