Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 1st Snowfall

March 2, 2009

March 1st brought us between 15" and 18" of snow. It would be quite a challenge to play tennis at the Beech Mountain Club courts in this...

...let alone trying to swim in it! Maybe we should have a Beech Mountain Polar Plunge!?!

Road view of tennis facilities, fitness and administration offices for Beech Mountain Club.

Our road on the 1st. Some of our neighbors were out for a visit.

Same road after the town cleared a path.

At least if we decide to stay in we have plenty of company to entertain us.

The views are unbelievably gorgeous when the snow defines the dips and valleys and the skies are crystal clear.

This little lady has a bad leg so she's been hanging around for some handouts of corn. Seems to be surviving very well for the temperatures, snowfall and winds we've had. It dropped below zero last night and is 12 degrees today but the 35 mph wind gusts have died down and the sun is out.

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Lanij said...

Beautiful Pictures of a place I have never heard of!