Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Ski Beech News

November 8, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know...what's new with Ski Beech? I have had a few people tell me " really need to go up there to see what's new..." so I did.
There are a number of new snow guns dotting the area.

Everywhere I turned I saw new this, refurbished that, this moved, that relocated. Case in point, the skating rental area is now conveniently located within shared quarters where you can get something hot to eat and drink on the opposite side of the ice rink.

It appears the lift ticket booth is now in a much more convenient location at the corner of a high traffic area between View Haus, rental shops and ski instruction areas.

The tubing runs have taken shape between BMC's Alpen Haus and View Haus with berms to protect both tubers and people walking the path between the two Haus buildings.

A very exciting addition are the murals painted on the entire tunnel through View Haus.

If you are here and have not seen the changes you really should take a look around. Even the road to the parking lots has been paved. If you aren't here, make sure you book early for your ski trip. You won't be disappointed. We are all looking forward to a great snow season. Hope to see you here too!! For more pictures, please visit and

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Skiing Holidays for Beginners said...

I always find it quite bizzare and a little creepy seeing the slopes without snow. The refurb has helped this place no end, was there last year and it looked great!