Saturday, July 5, 2008

47th Annual Pig Roast...a Great Success

July 5, 2008

Although the weather threatened to wash us all away earlier in the day, the timing was perfect when the clouds departed and the rain moved on at just after 5:00 p.m. - just in time for the meat to be delivered and the final preparations for the Pig Roast to be put in place.

The volunteers, as always, outdid themselves and there were no complaints that I heard while taking tickets for the dinner. The mood was very upbeat and jovial.
The volunteer fire fighters had their hands full getting the meat cooked through the night and braving the weather throughout the day. But in the end, the meat turned out perfect and well worth the $7/lb. for the turkey and $6/lb. for the pork for the meat that was not used for the dinner.

Our ticket sellers were decked out in their patriotic glory and smiles.

Not to be left out, the kids danced, lit sparklers and seemed to have a very good time.

We really could not have had much better weather, even though some lingering fog postponed the fireworks display until next Saturday, July 12th.

Residents and visitors alike had lots of fun and plenty of good food. What a great event! A great job done by the Chamber of Commerce and all of those who helped to make this event a success.

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